Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Banal Blather

I always watch the news to see what the weather will be like tomorrow. Yeah, I know, I can always check weather.com but I learn so much more when I listen to the local weather on the news.

For example:

"We'll have some precipitation tomorrow coming our way from the west. (Sweeping gestures in front of the colorized map of the U.S.) There will be some slight moisture drops so bring your umbrellas. (Some dotted lines stripe across the state.) Be prepared, the possible rain in our forecast for tomorrow could cause some possible delays in the morning commute. Other than that, you'll be seeing patches of clouds on the horizon due to the moisture in the air. These drops of water will be forming and possibly descend on our Atlanta city."

I like to time how long they can speak on any one subject without telling me anything, it's kind of fun.

(Stop watch starts...)

"We've got a fender bender on 75 and Roy is on the spot to tell us about it. Roy?"

"Thanks Kim. Yeah, I'm here just near this on-ramp to 75 and you'll see behind me the fire trucks and police lights as evidence that this is going to cause some stoppage on your roadway."

Next you see earlier video. Then you hear voice over of the same newscaster. The camera pans through the pulsing lights of the emergency crew while the newscaster drones in real earnest. You begin to think they actually filmed the accident and you'll get to see something at least entertaining. But NO. The video shows a bunch of tail lights.

"The accident occurred on 75 southbound between two travelers in four wheel cars. They hit each other and this caused a crash. This is why the emergency crew is here on the spot trying to determine just what happened."

"We talked to fire Chief Jeff Wiggins (made up name here) and he gave us some more details."

Now you see video of an interview of Chief Wiggins. (You can kind of figure it out because of his fireman hat.) He's saying: 'Yeah, this accident occurred here on 75. As far as we have determined, the drivers evidently didn't know each other. However we will be investigating this further.'

"Can you tell us anything about the drivers themselves?"

"We'll they were driving down 75 when one of them evidently crashed into the other. We're checking on the details. You know there's just not a lot of information at this time." (Yeah, tell me about it. Wait a minute, they just did.)

"Were they racing down the highway?"

"They were evidently traveling at a high speeds but at the present it is undetermined if their speedometer registered a number greater than the one posted alongside the road here." Camera shows SPEET LIMIT sign.

"Who were the drivers?"

"There was a driver in the one car that careened into the driver in the other car. At least two people are involved at this time. We are checking for additional passengers. We are not releasing any names at this time." (Nor much else.)

"What is the condition of the drivers?"

"Some are hurting pretty bad as you can imagine since they were traveling at high speeds down 75 possibly over the posted speed limit, but so much is unknown at this time. We'll be able to know more later."

"We'll there you have it Kim. Those are the details. It looks like it'll take some time to clean up this mess. Traffic is backing up so be careful out there. Back to you Kim."

"We'll that was Roy on location of a crash on 75 between two drivers both going southbound. They were evidently traveling at high speeds, though it's undetermined if they were traveling over the speed limit when one of them crashed into the other. Details at eleven."

Boy I can't wait!

(Stop watch stops...five minutes!)

Who writes this banal blather?

I pray and hope I never write like that!

We'll that's it for this post. There will be no more words here on this small story. No further stuff will be said here at this time as this is the end of the post. Perhaps you'll see other posts in the future on this or other subjects but this is it for now. Some words have been posted here before as well. However there aren't any more words to be said here. Stay tuned for possible posts in the future. This is the end of this post at this point in time.

Only a lawyer will dictate fifty single-spaced pages and call it a "brief?'