Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Doors

The doors are done. That�s right, handy dandy carpenter that I am, have completed the doors. This really calls for a celebration.

It�s been a year and a half since I started and here it is completed. I can�t believe it�s taken this long. It sure is nice to see out of the office again now that the plastic glass protectors have been removed.

French doors

I bought some French doors at Home Depot back in October of 2003. They came with a jamb. All I�d need to do, so it seemed at the time, was to just place them in the office opening, screw and paint. It couldn�t be easier.

The first problem was how to get them home. I have no truck. So I rented one of Home Depot�s trucks. It is only $20 if you bring the truck back in a half hour.

Since the opening is larger than the biggest French doors, I had to manufacture my own door casings. They started as 2x6 then ripped on my table saw. I placed four long 3� drywall screws at each end. Trying to get them straight and eliminate the twist in one was a trick.

Inside the office

I thought I�d just air nail the jambs into the casings but the nails were not strong enough. So I screwed them in, counter sunk them, filled them and painted. Because of all the glass in the doors and the three coats needed to make them look good, it took a lot of evening time, after work to complete them.

I'm compressing lots of problems into just a single day's post but if I had started this blog then ... we'll let's just say you'd like this brief version. There were shered screws that I had to drill out, wood posts that had to come out and be realigned, doors that had to be un-hinged to be painted and replaced. But I'd never bore anyone with that trivia.

Just today I decided to get to work and complete them, knobs and all. So it's done.

Now my next job is the glass panels on either side. I�ll get on that right away.

"By doing just a little every day, I can gradually let the task overwhelm me" - Ashleigh Brilliant quotes