Monday, February 14, 2005


I'm at Starbucks on this foggy day. There are a couple folks here busily engaged in conversation. A kind of country tune is playing overhead.

Foggy today

I've found me a big green chair to enjoy a tall Mocha Valencia. There's a frosty glass coffee table in front of me here where it sits while I type this into my Blackberry.

And I am flying blind doing this on my Blackberry because I'm not using my trusty spellchecker. I feel like I'm skydiving without a parachute. Thanks to Ruth's coaching I've improved some. But without the spellchecker I feel exposed, like I'm walking around without my clothes on. Anyway I digress.

Starbucks in Atlanta on a fogless day

There's something comforting about going to a Starbucks (or any coffee house for that matter) on a rainy day. I love hearing the steamer whirling in the silver pot. And the grinder, how I love to hear the grinder. Wow. Hearing the grinder whine and getting a whif of the strong coffee aroma is like being in heaven itself.

One of the girls here has hair like Phyllis Diller. Looks like it got caught up in one one of the coffee grinders and she couldn't untangle it so just pinned it up as is. The tangled mess is as big as the head itself. It truly looks painful though she's smiling, she looks friendly enough.

Finally they've change the music to Carlie Simon. Well, it's better then country. Country music in a Starbucks? What were they thinking? That's just plain wrong.

They have a new drink I've been unwilling to try. It's called Chantigo. It's pure chocolate. But I just can't break away from the Mocha Valencias I've become addicted to. Maybe someday when I'm forced into rehab.

I'm doing better now than I've done before. I used to need 2 or 3 fixes a day. Now it's only when I have a strong urge and I can't concentrate that I come here. I don't have a problem. I have it under control. No, I haven't gone cold turkey but there's been no family intervention. I'm fine, really. I could stop anytime.

Coffee break's up. I've got to go. We'll talk about this another time. It's time to go back to work.

Rehab is for quitters.