Thursday, February 24, 2005

Time for Tea

I know it sounds silly but I think I may have gone too far with my tea habit. I'm starting to leave cups all around the house. This may cause a divorce.

It's really innocent forgetfulness, really. But my wife finds evidence of my "habits" all around the house. I'll go to the guest room with a book and a cup, put the cup down, and leave it on the side table. I'll go back down the stairs, get another cup, walk up to the bathroom and leave it on the counter.

But it got really crazy when I started to walk into the shower with a cup of tea. I was actually looking for a place to set it. The soap alcove worked well. It was kind of nice to drink some tea while showering. Problem was, the sugar didn't mask the soap that splashed into the cup.

I may have gone too far this time.

I always fear that creation will expire before tea-time. - Sidney Smith