Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I was able to set up the machine by the time Eric arrived home. I wasn�t sure exactly what time he�d come in. I waited for the sound of the garage door.

Trouble is, these PCs make so much fan noise. I�m so glad we are getting rid of these clunkers! I had to shut them down so that I could hear my garage door. The iMac makes no noise at all.

You can go to and check out the iMac for yourself so I won�t bore you with all the slick stuff I found while setting us up on the machines. There is a real cool way that multiple people can be logged on to the machine at the same time. Say you are working on a document and one of your family members comes along and wants to browse the Internet. If you want to be nice, you just let them log in. The system will page out what you�re working on and swap in their desktop. If it�s confidential, they can�t see a thing. If you don�t want to be nice�well never mind.

Anyway, we heard the garage door around 11:00pm so we bounded up the stairs and waited on the landing.

Eric usually goes to his PC to check the mail. When he saw the machine all we could hear were loud wispers:

�No way. You�ve got to be kidding.�

We heard him open the little note we left and then heard:

�This is nuts. Oh my God!�

He came running up the stairs and hugged us and thanked us profusely. I think he�ll make good use of this new machine.

"Your children need your presence more than your presents." � Jesse Jackson