Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Eric doesn't know it yet, heh, heh, but we bought him an iMac. It�s going to be a great computer for all the drawing and designing he does.

We�ve got some ribbons on the screen and I�ve spent a little time setting it all up. As soon as I plugged it in, it was ready to go. When I connected to the Internet it asked if I wanted to download all the updates for all the programs that were installed on the machine. I said: �Yes� went to dinner and when I got back it was done. I'm telling you, it took a lot to set this baby up you know. If I every buy another computer for my folks, it'll be this one. Effortless installs.

Everything, the entire computer, is inside the flat screen. There is only one power wire to the outlet. The USBs, firewire, and network connections are on the back on the screen. The speakers are built in. It�s a very clear interface.

I�m going to an iBook and once that happens, our office will be much cleaner and simpler. My screen looks like a rainbow because the monitor is going. Eric�s had issues with a virus that I clean out. What�s nice about the Apple machines is there are no popups, a few viruses to worry about. Most of the hackers go after the Micro$oft stuff.

Ruth and I will wait upstairs for the garage to open. When he walks in to check out his Internet site, I�ll have it on the iMac. He�ll be blown away. We can�t wait.

It�s always fun to surprise someone, we feel like kids again.

Expect nothing. Live frugally on surprise. - Alice Walke