Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Grammar and Punctuation

I never thought I'd enjoy this stuff, but I do. In our second day of Business Writing Class I was actually looking forward to proofreading my next document,strange but true.

I didn't really understand the difference between editing and proofreading. Editing is re-working the text to beter convey your point, it's subective. Proofreading though, is applying writing rules of grammer to the already edited document. It's the last thing you do before sending your work out.

I discovered the four main sentence types. A simple sentence says one thing. A compound sentence contains two ormore independent clauses, but are joined by a conjunction. A complex sentence contains one independent clause, although one or more dependent clauses are included. A compound-complex sentence is two independent clauses, the clauses must be able to stand alone, and one or more dependent clauses. (Did you notice the four main types above? Cute huh?)

Several of the appendices were helpful if short. The commonoly misused words was excellent. Words like affect/effect, decent/descent/dissent, and imply/infer were explained. The teached added a few more such as: anxious, full of worry, and eager, enthusiastic.

And how many times have you seen �10 items or less� at the grocery store when what they really mean is �10 items or fewer�? (Less is used when the number is unknown. �There is less dessert then before.� Fewer is used when you can count �there are fewer pies now.� Of course, looking at the quantity of items these shoppers carry through these lines, it's clear they don't know how to count. )

I'm not yet qualified to be a New York Times editor, but I am updating my resume.

My life needs editing. -Mort Sahl