Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Flashcard Exchange

I'm always looking for new ways to remember the Chinese words and characters. I've made my own cards that eventually get dog-eared and battered.

Sometimes it's great to have a stack of cards to run through at boring meetings. I'll just reach into my pocket and flip through (under the table) as the presenters drone on about some project of theirs. It's not that I'm NOT interested, it's just that I'm in so many meetings that if I don't bring some reading materials, I'll get nothing else done!

Anyway, I discovered a great site that lets me build flash cards on line, for free. You type in text for your front and back, press the save button, and name the file. That's it. All for free. Any here's the best part, you can share your deck with others. Just on a lark I thought I'd see if anyone else has already created cards. There were three pages of Chinese flash cards already created. Very cool.

If you register for about $16, you can export, import and save other's sets of cards. Why not?

I am learning all the time.� The tombstone will be my diploma.� ~Eartha Kitt