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Old Time Radio

I ordered some old radio shows from www.OldTimeRadioHome.com. Very cool stuff. They've got any old show you can think of on the old time radios. All on CD at reasonable prices. For example you can get 502 Gunsmoke shows on five CDs for about $13.

They had all the old Sanborn Coffee sponsored Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen shows. That was some clear humor. Here's a few lines from some of the shows:

Charlie (about Edgar): "He's the nicest guy I know but I must meet more people."

Edgar (about W. C. Fields arrival): "He's just stuck his nose in the door."
Charlie: "Yeah, well, it'll be a while before he arrives."

W. C. Fields: "Yeah, I had to go to the hospital, wasn't felling well you know."
Edgar: "Did you feel any better after you got there?"
W. C. Fields: "No, really, I took a turn for the nurse...the worse, I mean."
Edgar: "Yeah, well I'm sorry to hear about it."
W. C. Fields: "Yeah, it was a nice place though, comfortable beds, even had mattresses on the walls."

The CDs even have the old sounds for example there are clicks and scratch sounds, wait a minute, those were the real McCoy.

You'll enjoy the CDs. We bought a couple and brought them over a friends. We sat around the radio (CD player) and listened like the old times.

Old age comes at a bad time.

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