Saturday, April 09, 2005

25th Anniversary

This afternoon we discovered a large package at our front door. It was from my folks. They bought us a picnic lunch backpack. It's got everything you need for a lunch for four: silverware, dishes, wine glasses, cheese board, knife, and corkscrew. Very cool. Fact is, we are planning a tip to the Gulf in just a few weeks. This will come in handy.

Then this evening we were invited over to dinner by some friends. But as we drove up we noticed that several others were invited, many cars were parked out front. Strange. Since these are close friends, we usually enter in the back door through their garage. When we arrived at their back door we saw everyone looking toward the front door. Hmmm.... Looks suspicious.

As we opened the back door everyone turned around and yelled "Surprise!"

What? Surprise for what? What's going on?

I looked over at the living room and noticed two tables set up with candles, place cards, and fine china. I don't get it. What's the occasion? There were fresh-cut tulips in glass vases.

"It's your special 25th anniversary!"

Oooohhhhhh, right. Yeah.

It's not that we forgot about it. It's just that we had already sorta celebrated it by going on the cruise. We didn't think anyone would throw a party for us. We were touched. Eric was responsible for selecting the guest list. He invited our close friends.

What a beautiful evening. The food was great, the conversation was enjoyable, and the gifts were a total surprise.

When we got home, Eric read us a free-verse poem he wrote. At our 20th, he wrote a rhyming poem but this one was unique. You can find it here.

It kind of feels strange, all this attention and special gifts just for us. I feel sort of out of place. I'm just blown away by all of this. I never expected it. I guess that's what a surprise is, right. Otherwise, it's just another day.

Spouse:  someone who'll stand by you through all the trouble you wouldn't have had if you'd stayed single.  -Author Unknown