Friday, May 20, 2005

Cool / Fun Sites

I frequent a few site looking for some fun things that folks are doing. Here's a few helpful and fun sites.

43 Folders has all kinds of links that are helpful for the GTD crowd (Getting Things Done). Check it out.

Surly you know who Harry Shearer was right? He was Buddy Hasket on the "Leave it to Beaver" show. He's done lots of other stuff since then, like "The Truman Show" and voices on "The Simpsons". But click on this link for a popular parody of current events.

Cockeyed is a site by a guy that does, well, cockeyed stuff. Like measuring how much ink is in a Sharpie pen, or bacon bits cost per package, or . . . well you get the idea. He once found two chairs in a dumpster, painted Starbucks signs to the backs, and tied them to a street post in town. Then he posted pictures of folks sitting on the chairs in the middle of town. Don't ask me why. These folks clearly don't have enough to do. One of his posts is about gluing mattress springs to his tennis shoes for better lift.

The latest and greatest find is the TiddlyWiki site. This is a site that has a pure HTML doc you can download and use for GTD. Here's how it works: Download the document (it's an HTML file), load it up with our browser and you have a cool document that looks like a web page but is completely stand alone. You can add, edit, and print the "Tiddlies" which are just little cards you place in your pockets. Cool idea, little impact, very portable.

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. -Ellen Parr