Saturday, May 21, 2005

Renaissance Festival

We've been wanting to check out a Renaissance Festival since we lived in California but got our chance today. About an hour away, in Fairburn, there is a Renaissance City.


Here, there is glassblowing, stained glass, leather masks, costumes, custom-molded boots ($475), juggling, rope of fire walks, fairies, and a few dragons.

Harp Period Music

As you walk through the village, you hear hawkers for bazaars, you see town folks dressed from the 1500s, and you hear crowds yelling from outside amphitheaters. You've just gone back in time.

A Black Knight

Your first indication that all is not right, is the misspellings of the "Shoppe" signs. The only indication that you are in the 21st century is that many of the visitors are wearing something other than Elizabethan clothes. (Although for about $164 you can get garb for four, and free access to the fair. Then you'll fit right in.)

Fairy and her Lord

What made our visit convincing was the old english the "peasants" would use when addressing us. "You're welcome, me Lord." was the reply from one of the "ladies" when I thanked her for directions.

Me Ladies

One very good single-man act was the tightrope-on-fire. This "no stranger to danger" one-man show juggled knives (well, they were more like machetes) over four men's heads using an inexperienced assistant throwing the blades to him from across the stage. Then he juggled some pins while standing atop a straight ladder. (Similar to this one.) Next he juggled a running chain saw, apple, and machete. He said: "If I'm not in action, I'm in traction."

He had lots of great banter. At one point the audience didn't clap so he said: "I feel like I'm playing Frisby with a narcoleptic dog up here."

His final act was walking the burning tightrope. That was very cool, er, I mean, hot.


The art was whimsy, fairy-like and original. Some of the woman had fairy wings on their costumes, while the men wore leather mail and lace-up moccasin footwear.

I almost walked right past this walking tree.

Walking Tree

On the way out we stopped to view the jousting event. These guys looked like the real McCoy. very serious. They splintered several of their jousting sticks coliding with each other's shields. Once both were knocked off their horses, there was a final sword fight.

At the exit there were some pipers playing period instruments, bagpipes and tenor drum.

Bagpipes & Drum

I thought this mask this would go with my Kidnapping Kit.

Do you think it's my color?

How do you know when your bagpipes need tuning?