Saturday, July 16, 2005

Eric's Wisdom - Gone

Eric just had his wisdom teeth extracted this week -- all four of them! Ouch. He went under on Thursday for an hour. After it was all done Ruth came to pick him up. He was so groggy, they couldn't get him out of the chair.

I remember some months ago I had the same problem. I felt this peaceful bliss, a floating feeling, a fogged view of the world. I would hear voices and couldn't distinguish if they were from my dreams or they were real. I saw Ruth's face appear before me and ask (her voice out of sync with her mouth): "How are you feeling?" Great, dude, awesome. My periodontal work was a walk in the park compared to this!

But enough about me, let's talk about Eric. Thursday evening, when I went to bed, he was laying with an ice bag on his jaw. Poor guy. Ruth got him a Jamba Juice because he needed something nourishing inside. He hadn't eaten in about 16 hours.

I went out to get his drugs, ah, you know, the prescribed kind. I drove up to the window, looked up at the girl, gave her my name, she gave me the drugs and I paid $2.30 for four bottles and left. Whoa! When is the last time I paid that kind of pocket change for medication? Last time I bought medication it cost the equivalent of a trip to Hawaii. For example, we just got the bill for his leg. He got some stitches, and it came to $1200! For two stitches? He was out at Atlanta's Centennial Park doing some parkour and rammed his shin into a handrail. It's healing up fast. In fact, he decided to take the stitches out himself to save a few bucks. Crazy kid. So now he's a limping-lock-jawed parkour kid. "Ah, they're young, he'll bounce back." Ruth says.

Anyway, tonight I got us a few flicks to watch to help pass the time. One of them was Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious and the other was The Italian Job. The latter was a heist movie, cool chase scenes and some pyromania. Notorious was a classic black and white. I want Eric to see some of these classics.

I don't know, it's becoming harder and harder getting flicks I want to watch. I spent an hour in Blockbuster combing the isles for something not violent, not gory, not perverted and not demonized. Very hard. Most films had two or three of those elements and many had all four! As just a rough estimate, I'd say 50% were "R" rated. I can't believe people are watching this stuff. One woman at work told me she took her 13 year old to a flick and covered his eyes several time during the movie! Tell me this makes any sense. I really believe exposure to this results in the reality we see on the news -- but that's another rant.

I'm hoping Eric will feel well enough for our trip out to NYC. He's really getting excited about it. He wants to do some parkour in NYC's Central Park. At least there, the cops wouldn't try to arrest him for doing flips in a park like they want to here in Georgia. Seems like every time he goes to a park some over zealous billy-club-carrying guy in a cap and blue uniform tells them to get off the grass, or get off the wall, or get out of the park. They do (he usually goes with a buddy). I guess parks, like movies, are not what they used to be. You know, a place where you can romp and play. The boys never push it. They just leave to find another park. Thankfully. I'd hate to get a call from the local precinct. I mean, don't you just hate it when you get a call from the local police to come pick up your kid from prison?

That would be a bummer, especially if I were in the middle of watching a movie.

Those are my principles, and if you don't like them...well, I have others. -Groucho Marx