Sunday, July 10, 2005

Storm Power

It's hard to think about anything else to write about other than the storm that pounds Florida as I sit here. Just outside the rain comes, the wind shuffles the trees like a dealer at a black jack table. But here I sit, comfy at my writing desk, enjoying the warm glow of the floor lamp and dry carpet under my feet. But every angry blow outside I shutter at the thought of 120 mph winds that others are experiencing.

We just came back from a Barns & Noble bookstore. The rain was light when we left. Just as we got inside the rain moved across the parking lot in vertical sheets of water. Even from the inside it sounds like a war zone. The rain pelted the roof so loud I couldn't hear the music. It reached a loud crescendo and quieted a little girl making noise in the next isle over. Yet people were lounging, casually reading books in the safe harbor of the book nooks. Meanwhile, folks in Florida hold on for dear life. The only inconvenience I experienced in our little jaunt to the bookstore was some raindrops on my head.

This storm is huge. While it hits Pensacola Florida at the gulf, the rain spreads clear up north through Atlanta Georgia and east over to Savannah on the coast.

The pictures above are not actual pictures of the storm. I found these on They may give us some idea of what the Floridians may be experiencing.

Wait! I just went and checked and found this actual picture (the last one shown) of the storm coming ashore in Florida. You can find it here. The blurb reads: The attack of Dennis. The first bands hit St. Andrews Bay in Panama City, Florida. Photo taken: 7/9/2005 by Jerry Lewis.

Rainbows apologize for angry skies. -Sylvia Voirol