Saturday, September 17, 2005

Fruity Loops

Eric has been making technomusic. He uses a computer program that is very popular called Fruity Loops (don't ask, I don't know why it's called this).

Some of the stuff sounds great. I want him to publish it and/or release it at his website, well, one of his websites. (He's got a journal site and an art site. I bought one of his art pieces and have it hanging in my cube. This one seems appropriate for an office setting.)

So tonight, while Ruth was out getting groceries, we sat around and played Fruity Loops. They sound awesome. You've got to give a listen. Check out his site for some uploads.

"I've outdone anyone you can name — Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Strauss. Irving Berlin, he wrote 1,001 tunes. I wrote 5,500." -James Brown