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Primer Movie

Whoa dude! Check out Primer. What a trip, litterally.

Eric and I watched "Primer" several times. It's a sort of disconnected flick about time travel. What makes it so absorbing is the realistic dialogue and camera angles used. It's so mind blowing we had to watch it several times. It's definitely worth the time. It's wild.

We had to pause it several times to go over together what had just happened and how/why.

Basically two guys build a box in their garage that was supposed to be an anti-gravity device. Then it started acting strange. For example, it would continue to function AFTER the batteries were disconnected. Why? Then it began to grow four-year mold on things placed inside it in just a few hours. So they decide to build one and go back in time. Then it gets confusing when the double arrives.

Time travel would be truly cool. I need time travel. Then all the dumb stuff I've said and done could be reversed!

Time heals all wounds, unless you pick at them. - Shawn Alexander

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