Monday, September 19, 2005


So I traded in my keyboard for a hammer. I'm done with computer Windows. I'm starting a new career, I'm working on house windows.

We've hired a paint crew to do the exterior of our house. During his walk-thru he discovered a rotted window frame and sill nose. So just before the meeting I went out to rip them out and put new ones in.

I stared on the sill nose. That's what they call it. It's the part that catches all the rain water. It's actually a tongue-and-grove piece that is nailed into the window frame. At first I considered just mixing up some bondo and slathering it into the chipped out frame. I'd had removed the damaged portion. But since the nose piece came out so easy, well at least after whacking at it with my crowbar, I replaced the whole thing.

Now it's finished. The new sill is in place, all six feet of it. The new brick sash, seven feet high, is also in. Whew.

If I'd only started with replacing the window sill and sash in the first place instead of playing around with just partial replacement, I'd have saved a lot of time. As it is, it looks like original.

I'm ready to conquer any remodel now.

Hey, these kind of windows were easy. I'm going to keep my hammer, forget the keyboard.

The most important work you and I will ever do will be within the wall of our own homes. -Harold B. Lee (1899 - 1973)