Friday, September 02, 2005

Laurel Mississippi

We made it. No checkpoints either. Made another gas stop. This time the limit was $15. Crazier than last stop as people were entering the pumps from various directions. You had to back out and navigate back in to get to your pump. It could have been much more organized.

What a mess. Coming down the highway there were snapped trees everywhere.  Look at the size of those things! Some were laying across the road but obviously had been cut through for the cars to pass. The root system doesn't go deep, so the trees uprooted easily and fell over in the high winds.

When we got to the Hall (distribution point), the few there were very glad to see us. They said ours was the first relief to arrive.

Here you see some that brought 350 gal drum to refill some of the cars. Small gas containers were used for cars at home that were stranded as well as generators.

(Written on my blackberry at 10:00 on 9/2/2005.)