Friday, September 02, 2005

Birmingham Alabama

We've made it fas ar as Birmingham, Alabama. Gas is 2.99/gal with a limit of $25. Had to wait a half hour in line to get to the pumps. Craziness here. First you have to go in to the cashier to give your dollars, then back out to pump your gas, then back in to collect the difference. Nuts.

Interstate 20 was crazy. There were just two lanes most of the way. I really couldn't accelerate quickly nor could I stop too quickly. I've got so much bottled water in the van, I can hear it slosh around in the back. I hope the tires hold up. I pumped them up to 32 psi.

Just heard on the radio that there was an accident. It happened on 285 southbound just before I20. We were just there not two hours ago. Seems something fell off a truck and went through someone's windshield.

(Written on my blackberry at 4:00 on 9/2/2005.)