Sunday, September 25, 2005

Throwing Stuff Out

Nothing gives me greater joy than throwing stuff out. Not necessarily junk, although that's a joyful time for sure, but stuff that I haven't used in a long time.

I just went through my book shelf, well one of my book shelves, and discovered 20 books I've read that I will never refer to again. These are good candidates for disposal. So they're gone. Chucked.

I did try to recycle them, to prevent saddened trees, but it just wouldn't work. I checked Amazon and all of my books are already available for sale for one cent (in most cases). A used book for just a cent! What a deal.

The only thing I could think about doing is dropping them off at various coffee shops so that folks would have something to read while sipping. Naah. Too much bother. They'll go into the big bin in the garage. Pulp fiction has such a short life span.

Now that these shelves are cleared off I have lots of room. I'm making room for more books. I've got lots of journals, books on writing, and Chinese learning books. It feels good to give these new books a home. They were stacked everywhere and a pile looked like a leaning tower. They were getting dangerous. Someone could have walked under them and gotten killed.

Books are good company when you eat alone. - Dave Terry