Sunday, October 02, 2005

Motivational speeches

Don't you just love them, motivation quotes and speeches?

I'll walk into an office with a picture of some guy skiing down a snow powered mountain and a quote below, something like: Achieve

Okay, right, I'm feeling it, sure.

Or there will be some sailboat on an open ocean with the single word below: Succeed

Sure, not a problem. I feel so empowered now.

Have you prices of these things? If I spend $150 for a framed picture with a "motivational word" on it, it means someone else is succeeding. It ain't me.

While attending a manager's meeting we heard some of these lines:

"We must climb hard up this hill to distance ourselves from the competition."


"We are in a long race and must keep our high-performance engines tuned and revved. We can't spend time in the pit stop. We've got to get back out on the track because the competition can pass us by."

Yeah, THAT motivates me. I'm revved!

All the folks spouting this stuff just got a new BMW 745i from a semi that pulled up in the front parking lot. The big boss told them to go out and pick the color they wanted.

Hey, I'd be happy with a little extra cash to WASH my car. Hey, buddy, can you spare a dime? A little cash would motivate me. Talk is cheap.

Be sincere; be brief; be seated. -Franklin Delano Roosevelt