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Laptop Unsecured

Most of the guys I work with have notebooks for their main machine. Some have docking stations that allow them to drop them into a slot and use an external keyboard, mouse, and display. Trouble is, these machines are easy to steal. After we leave, anyone can walk up and grab the notebook and walk out of the building.

If you leave your notebook "unsecure" i.e. on your desk, the night security will leave a friendly message on your notebook telling you to lock it up at night or take it home. I got tired of getting these messages. I hate shutting it down and locking it away because it takes too long to boot in the morning. So I bought a lock for it. It's a cable that loops around the wall mount and onto the notebook. I thought I was safe, but still, the notes kept coming. If I left the note on my desk, they would leave another one on top of it.

Finally I resorted to leaving my own note. I now tape a paper to the top of the notebook explaining that the notebook IS secure. Look under the table dude! You'd need a crowbar to remove it. Finally, the notes ceased. I also bought a few cables for the other guys.

I wish there were more "thank yous" all around. It seems that I only get notes when I'm bad. I was thinking about writing one up for them to leave behind when an employee DID lock the notebook away or secured it in some way. How about :

"Thank you for demonstrating appropriate levels of security and thank you for protecting our corporate assets."

Yeah, that sound nice.

Think they'll go for it?


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