Monday, October 31, 2005

Top Down Weather

I've been enjoying the weather these last few weeks.. It's been great! It's been in the 70s with royal blue skies. It's top down sort of stuff.

The trees haven't turned yet but it's absolutely an awesome autumn week.

Going to work at 6:00 doesn't allow the top down but coming home is another story. When I leave it's in the 50s. I guess I COULD fire up the heater and drive with the top down. I've tried this actually, it's great fun if a bit chilly. I actually had the top down in the 40s. If I put the windows up and the heater on, it's really not too bad.

I usually listen to my Chinese tapes blasting in the speakers on the way home. Later, I'll stuff my iPod into my ears for the lessons. I know it may look strange. "Who is this guy with the Chinese voice blaring from his car anyway?"

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