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I just want one

It seems that you just can't buy one of anything anymore. If you shop at Costco, not only do things come in jumbo size but they come packaged in quantities of two, three or more. But I really just need one.

Even the stationary stores are packaging pens by the dozens. I can't go into a Staples, for example, and just buy a pen. I have to buy four or six of them. And here's the worse part. If I want a certain color, say red, I have to buy two blacks, a blue and a red. Of course, if you want a jumbo pack, you can buy 24 red pens. But I really just need one.

Now I have all kinds of pens in my house. They are scattered in every drawer, cubby hole, and book bag. But I don't use any of them. Just the one that I really wanted. I'm hoping I'll lose the others so that I can go get another pack. I really just wanted the red one.

Doesn't anyone see the conspiracy? The big wheels of business are ruining our planet, forcing us to buy pens we really don't need. Here's the worst part. The stationary stores keep changing the types of pens they offer. Just about the time I find a pen I like, I search far and wide to find another just like it. But then the great wheels of commerce have moved on and left me behind with a dry ink pen.

All I really wanted was a single red pen!

"Most imports are from outside of the country" -George W. Bush quotes (American 43rd US President since 2001. b.1946)

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