Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Desk

I think I may have mentioned my desk in past posts. It's true, my desk is not the model of efficiency and there is some improvement I can make regarding it's design.

However, I think you'll agree this desk has spun out of control.

Sometimes I get off at lower floors so that I can walk through the huge Enterprise and see what's on other floors. It also gives me some opportunity to do a little exercise since I have to walk up a few flights of stairs. Some time ago I passed this office and decided I needed a picture. I've been down several times carrying my digital camera but the occupant is always there! (Thus the "lived-in" appearance.) I was never able to snap a photo.

I wasn't brave enough to ask the woman who haunts this office to pose for me. She wears those half-glass, nose knob resting, reading glasses, complete with chains that loop around her neck so that, I imagine, she can easily find them in this tornado.

She, herself, is the essence of disorganization. When I first walked by her office some months ago and was accosted by the disarray I had to walk past again and do so slowly to absorb it all. Her hair is whipped up in a bee hive shot through with several arrows. Part of the hive is missing walls. Some of her hair hangs down over her face when she works. This gives her a disheveled appearance, blending well with her office decor.

What isn't in the picture is stacks and stacks of paper under the desk and against her wall. These stacks are two feet high and none of the corners of any of the papers are aligned. Rather, the brochures, printouts, and glossy ad pictures are randomly placed on top of one another. You couldn't find anything if you hired CSI.

There is a pathway to her desk, but barely. You have to snake your way, serpentine style, to reach her chair. If you sat down, you couldn't back up or you'd knock over one of the paper stacks.

Do you think she imagines this approach to office design projects an image of busyness?

A work desk is a garbage can with drawers.