Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I'm big on getting things done. I don't procrastinate. Ever.

I mean, it will eventually catch up with you right? It makes no sense to me. Why do people procrastinate?

I'm a little thirsty. I'll be right back...

Okay, I'm back. Ahhh....tea, hot tea. It's down to the 40s tonight. Hot tea warms the soul. Where was I? Oh yes, procrastination.

Here's my point (if there is one): When I procrastinate, it takes longer to finish.

Let's say I have to answer an email. I read it, but put off responding. What that means is that later I'll have to re-read the email, to understand the context, and THEN answer it. Why not respond now while it's fresh in mind?

That doesn't mean that I take action on everything that crosses the desk. Sometimes it's best to completely ignore (delete) the email altogether. While the cursor is on the email, I press the delete key right there and then. Handle it once, and only once.

Sometime I don't really feel like studying my Chinese. I know it's going to take an hour or two of work. Sometimes I try to put it off.

I'll go down for some tea, then go back down for a pen, then back down again for a pad of paper. Ruth will get tired of seeing me. She's no fool. She's on to me. She'll say:

"Are you finished with your Chinese paragraphs yet?"

"No, but I'm getting ready to. I'm very close to starting. It won't be long now." I'll assure her.

And that's the plan. She is supposed to look up the words in half the paragraphs and I'm supposed to look up the words in the other paragraphs.

I just need to prepare myself. It's not procrastination. While I'm downstairs though, she doesn't mind asking me to take out the trash! What's up with that? Do you want translated Chinese words or a clean trash can?

So I put out the trash. But then I noticed a garage door light bulb is burned out and so stop to replace it. There were also a few boxes that need to be put out, mail to fetch, tea to brew, a cat to pet, and a dead mouse to toss that Taco brought in. (I'm serious about the mouse. Everything else may be a stretch.)

There's always something with those cats. Snickers is draped over the ottoman and Taco's paws dangle over the office chair. His tail lightly swats at nothing particular below the seat.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, procrastination.

As I type this I saw a roach scurry across our bedroom floor. I tried to smack him but he's now hiding out behind my book case which is too heavy to move.

I don't think I'll ever finish this post.

Next time I'm going to wear blinders, or maybe blindfolds.

I have not yet begun to procrastinate.