Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Steve & Wendy's Blog

Very cool, now Steve and Wendy are online bloggers. Steve has begun blogging at LiveJournal. I don't know why he calls his blog "ballontrack" though. Maybe that will be the subject of a future blog post, so stay tuned.

Since our family is distributed across the states, it's nice to "check in" with the fam and see what they are up to. Well, of course, I exaggerate because it's just Steve, Eric and myself that are posting these days, but maybe our other family members will start their blogs too. Then we'd create a Terry Blog Roll. (A blog roll, for those of you who may be unfamiliar with this term, is simply a list of your favorite blogs off to the side of your posts.)

So, I've now added Steve to my "OTHER BLOGS" section to the right (or the blog roll). Anytime you want to learn about the three family members that are blogging, you can stop off here. Also, Steve has added a link to my blog from his site. Either way you can get your fill of blogs.

I found Steve's account of the leak in their kitchen absolutely riveting. I was in suspense thinking: What if the wall caves in from all that water? Will he be able to get out in time? Will he be able to finish the post? And what about Wendy? Truth IS more entertaining than fiction!

You'll also notice Eric's blog link is here too. He's got some fairly cool stuff. You should check it out.

Happy reading.

Spend the hour blogging, and you will discover many more free hours during the day. -Mickey Kaus