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Licorice and White Tip Earl Grea

It's cold outside. The temperature is about 50 or so. The air is foggy and misty. The storm passed over a few hours ago.

I've just steeped some tea and I have my bag of licorice here next to me. The combined smell of licorice and Earl Grey is heavenly.

Some people call Red Whips "licorice" but it's not. It's just candy.

Licorice is made from licorice extract, it's sweat, and it's black. Not red or purple.

I remember the licorice plants that grew on the corner of Lake Chabot and Seven Hills road. I'd get a whiff of them when I rode my bike up to the house from school. I loved that smell.

I remember that I used to buy licorice and pour cherry Pixy Stix inside. I never ate Pixy Stix the regular way. Pixy Stix was a powder that had the consistancy and sweat taste of Jello extract. You can still buy them here. It makes a cool wallpaper.

But licorice is better with Earl Grey tea. It's the ultimate.

“Candy Is dandy, But liquor Is quicker” -Ogden Nash


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