Friday, December 30, 2005

Selling Manual Stuff

It's a sad time for me. These lenses have been like family. They've hiked up mountains in Hawaii, been to the snow in California, and gone on a cruise. So you can imagine that I'm parting with them in great sadness. So many lenses and so little time to use them.

Interested in a lens? Check them out here:

35mm 1.4 Nikkor Lens
55mm 2.8 Micro-Nikkor
105mm 2.5 Nikkor Lens
75-150mm 3.5 Series E Nikkor Zoom Lens

Or maybe you want to add some accessories to your collection of Nikon gear. Got just the thing for you:

TC-200 2x Nikon Teleconverter
Extension tubes for Nikon
MD12 Nikon Motor Drive

Truth is, this stuff is great to have in the bag if you are built like Andre the Giant. But frankly the digital stuff is a lot lighter. All the new gear is plastic so it may not last as long but then, I won't either.

I'm looking forward to lightening the load in the bag and having just two lenses for all the needs. This make the China trip so much more enjoyable.

I am NOT paranoid. Who told you that?