Sunday, December 11, 2005

More pictures

Here's a few old slides I had scanned (about 1980):

Ice falls. This was out back of a friends home in upstate New York. We climbed behind the ice and I also have some pictures of that I'll post later.

Shot at Epcot in Florida. Just caught the bar tender taking a rest.

Another shot at the globe itself. Again with the Fujica and a 28mm.

Classic cityscape way before 9/11. This was taken about 1980 using a 28mm. It's actually a double exposure. The first shot is metered for the sky while the sun was setting. I waited for about an hour and did the second shot on the same frame for about 4 seconds. This is the only way to get these cityscapes with lights in the building. Otherwise, it'll just show a silhouette of buildings against a beautiful sunset. Double exposure is needed. Patience, remember, patience is needed for the really great shots.

Hawaii, North Shore, Waimea. Don't remember the exposure. Maybe 2.8 at a 60th.

Hawaii. This was before I owned Nikon equipment. I was shooting a Fujika SLR and using a normal 50mm lens. I got close by putting a toilet roll between the lens and camera. This was a poor man's extension tube. I cut it in half and wrapped it in black electrical tape. It was a clumsy affair, glad I have tubes now.

Hawaii. Carp in pond near a Buddhist Temple in Kaneohe.

Some other photos
My best two photos