Monday, January 24, 2005

Going Digital

It's a hard choice to make but I'm convinced that my days of manual cameras are coming to a close. I've loved the Nikons I've had but I've come to the conclusion the digitals are getting close to the quality. Many of them now have better manual controls such as long exposure to fill in the background of a night shot.

I used the Cannon S1 digital with 10x zoom and was really impressed. For the type of photography I do now it seems the best. For posting to the blogs it's great. Of course, there will be better digitals, more pixels, more zoom and better quality.

Whenever I shot with my Nikon I get better pictures for sure. Nothing beats a Nikkor lens. They are awesome.

NYC Scape (FM2n w/35mm 1.4)

I had thought I could not get a digital Nikon body and use my existing manual lenses but they've changed the coupling. (I'm tempted to bring one of my lenses into a store and mount it to a digital just to see what I would loose.)

50th State Fair (F3 w/24mm Nikkor)

The reality is I just want to simplify the whole process. Traveling light I can take digitals, journal a trip, and post it on the Internet for friends and family to enjoy. (I know I'm stretching the term 'enjoy' here.)

There are sites that will bound your images into a book with captions for under $30. With a manual I'd have to carry the lenses and bodies around with me, take the pictures, scan them in and then produce the blog. Digitals are lighter and you cut out the scanning and development cost. It's the way to go for me.

Now I've just got to find a buyer for my old equipment. Hmmmm'eBay!

Other pictures
Some more pictures

Update: I wanted a more professional level machine and eventually bought the Nikon D300s.

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