Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Dumping Junk

I�m at a point where I want to dump my junk.

I collect too much stuff, stuff I don�t really need. I buy something to replace something else but never toss the replaced thing. I just squirrel it away somewhere down in the cellar where I forget about it. I discover the stuff when it attacks me next time I visit down there. I don�t go down there often, it scares me.

I try to throw stuff out. I�m successful sometimes. When I start pawing through the junk I�ll remember a story and bore my son with it. This takes much longer and drives him crazy. It's kind of fun.

But I�m turning over a new leaf. I want to discard all the irrelevant stuff in my life. I�m not even going to open the boxes. I�m going to toss the entire box -- unopened. I�m confident I don�t need a thing inside.

Of course, I�m not throwing everything out. That would be lunacy. I mean, I have to keep my books. They are a great reference. I�ll keep the cameras and lenses. I can�t throw out the slides until I get them scanned, but I promise, as soon as they are scanned they are gone. I�ll do that real soon.

I�ve got a few computer parts I could toss. I will defiantly get rid of the old hard drive rails. I don�t think I need those anymore. I�d better keep the old break out box and multi-gender ribbon cable. That could come in handy some day. It was invaluable back in 1989 while debugging a communications box on a client�s machine.

They say three moves or one fire will help you get rid of stuff you don�t need. Time for a move. Do I hear a fire truck?

They say hard work never hurt anybody, but why take the chance.