Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Gifts from Sister

I picked up my sister and her family tonight at the airport. They are in town for a few days.

Whenever I have to pick someone up from the airport I usually head down there early, hang out in Borders or Barnes & Nobles and wait for their phone call.

They were early and the weather was cold. So when I got the phone call I dashed to fetch them.

When we got home she gave gifts all around. I got some great books as gifts and Eric got Cube World.

Cube World are cubes with digital stick figures that do tricks. There are four different types, one with a ball, another with a rope another with a dog and another with stick. The cubes interact too. If you put the dog and the stick cube guys together, one will throw a stick and the dog will fetch it. Very cool.

I'd never heard of these guys. They are fantastic. You need a set on your desk at work or home. One of the blogs I read said that one guy bought 16 cubes and stacked them. Then the stick figure at the top did budgie jumping through the cubes. That's what he said, no lie. I still don't believe it and I ain't getting 16 cubes at $30 a pop.

Anyway, here are some things we tried:

We place the cube on it's side and the digital stick man tried to push it back by leaning on the wall.

We put the cubes next to each other and the one man knocked on his wall where a door opened and he walked into the next cube! Then the two guys started to wrestle.

I guess there are 100 different things each one does. We'll need to collect the whole set.

Of course, I knew ahead of time what kind of gift Matthew would like. Grandpa is really going to like this gift too.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in seeing with new eyes." -Marcel Proust