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The Shower Cube

I've talked previously about the cube resizing at the Enterprise here and here. Trouble is, some folks have "reports." That means "people report to them" in Enterprise-speak. Now, how to you discuss things privately with these folks if you only have a cube? It used to be you had an office where you could close a windowed door to discuss their performance. But now with the cube resize what do you do?

Introducing the cube with a door. That's right. Now if you want privacy you just close your door and you can discuss with your reports all the private issues they are having. Never mind it's a cube without ceilings and sound barriers. Frankly it's ridiculous.

So as a public statement, one or our managers decided that the door looked more like a shower curtain and so he decorated accordingly.

Police-mentality planners design workplaces the way they would prisons: optimized for containment at minimal cost. -Tom DeMarco


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