Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More Technical Classes

Since the Enterprise is investing millions in packaged software, I went online, found some classes, and got myself registered for a SAP class. (Note: Each letter is said S...A...P NOT "sap" as in the tree goo.)

I was able to find a class nearby so I didn't have to arrange air travel. I like driving to class instead of packing up and doing the airport/hotel thing. That way I'm home for dinner with the fam. I like that.

Anyway, the class is in a fantastic facility. A beautiful geometric building that looks like a huge Japanese folding screen hosts an entire training center. There is a fountain out front with ducks and ponds. The lobby is marble, glass and brass. (I tried my hand at some simple sketches at lunch.)

The SAP instructors and their students fly from as far as the center of Canada and others from across the states. The education center provides breakfast and lunch. Lots of rolls, bagels, fruit, yogurt, and of course, coffee, lots and lots of coffee is provided.

It's hard to sit through these things. One full week of instruction, listening to the instructor drone on about where to place your cursor, what button to push, and what menu option will give you more details in your window tray. Arrggggghhhh.

But I listen intently, taking notes on my large work journal. I really try to focus, stay engaged, and ask intelligent questions like: "Where's the bathroom?"

And that's all I do at break, put fluids in and let fluids out.

During class yesterday I did kind of zone. I noticed how the water in my water bottle reflected dark sharp edges adjacent to brilliant white highlights. And then something took over. I tried to get back to the class but then it happened. I started to draw my water bottle. I hate when that happens. My left brain tries to focus and then suddenly my right takes over. It wants to get spacial on me.

I zone out for several minutes while I draw the bottle, including the water droplets at the top. Then I hear the instructor say: "Okay, looks like you guys need a break. Let's take 15 minutes and you can go outside and watch the ducks poop on the lawn."

Sounds like fun. Let's go!

I tried to contain myself but was able to escape.