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Blogging by the Chiminea

I guess sane folks don't sit out on the back porch in 50 degree weather. But we have stoked up our Chiminea and are warmed by it.

It's nice and toasty here by the fire, but I have to get real close. I'm sipping my Rex Goliath Merlot (now my standard everyday wine) and Ruth is sipping her peach ginger tea. Life is good now. You've got to enjoy the snatches of happiness as they come along.

I just tossed another log into the fire to heat things up a little. Now I don't have to sit right on top of the side opening. I think that the Chiminea should have a couple of more openings around it's sides so people can sit in a ring around the fire. Then you could see the warm glow of the fire reflected in their faces. It would be like sitting around a real camp fire.

The folks across the way must think we're nuts.

There are about twenty trees in our backyard. The back slopes down to a small stream and then an incline starts up the other side meeting rows of homes on the back side of our loop.

The homes across the way smile at us through their incandescent windows interrupted by black vertical silhouettes of tree lines. It always reminds me of a broad smile coming across the way.

The fire from the Chiminea is strong now. The flames lick up through the top. Maybe I shouldn't have tossed in the additional log. I'm backing away. My notebook is getting warm.

Go to bed by your fireplace and you'll sleep like a log.

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