Sunday, April 02, 2006

Everything is borrowed

I'll never forget how amazed I was to hear that we are drinking the same water people drank thousands of years ago. That's right. The same molecules that went down their gullet is traveling down ours. The same molecules! Aquifers may not gather the water until 25 or more years have passed. Yet we are pumping the very water from these Aquifers that men and animals drank some thousands of years ago.

Same is true for our air. We live in a geo-sphere that has fixed resources. That means that the air we breath has been breathed by others living here long before us. In the case of air, It gets breathed as carbon monoxide by trees and then it's ready to be consumed yet again by humans. Yet it's still the same air.

When you really stop to think about it, everything is borrowed. in the great scheme of things, we don't own a thing, because the little trinkets we collect all return to their source, the earth.

Even if you're some big honcho, nothing you collect for posterity is ever kept in perpetuity. The Pharaohs of Egypt were buried with their gold, but it's the thief's gold now, or was, and now it's someone else's gold. Even the pyramids themselves are wasting away against the sands of time.

So what's the point of collecting stuff?

We are here to enjoy life's experiences with others, not to collect life's possessions alone.

"People are more important than things." - Mom