Thursday, May 25, 2006

Since was available I decided to get it and point it to the blog. It's a lot easier to pass along than What? Blog what? Huh? Was that Often we are at some party and someone asks about the blog. It's even harder to describe the name of the blog over loud music and talking.

Even if someone wants to read about the China Trip, or they want to read poetry at gotVerse, or even read about the cruise on the Westerdam they can start at On the right column are all the other blogs. How convenient.

So now I just tell them to go to the net using my name. Get it? The net? Not .com as in comercial, but .net.

Of course they are liable to forget the name and be lost in the ocean of Internet pages.

Which reminds me...I was trying to remember a quote I'd heard but couldn't remember exactly how it went. I keyed it into Google in hopes I'd find the quote. I did. One of my blog entries came up on Google. I had forgotten that I'd used the quote before, but Google found it for me. On my very own blog.

Coouuuwllll. I'm indexed in the big white pages of Google. I feel so, so validated.

On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog. -Peter Steiner, cartoon in The New Yorker, July 5, 1993