Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Selling the House

We've been just a bit busy preparing to sell our house. There are 1001 things to do. Funny thing is though, those side lights I've been working on for two years finally got finished. Just need to paint. When I get done I'll post on the new House-for-Sale blog.

We are selling the house ourselves with the help of Duffy Realty. They are an ala carte realty. You buy what you need. Just $600 to get in for signs, lock box, MLS listing, and pictures on web site. I created my own blog so as to show off more pictures.

The house has been painted within the last year. Our kitchen cabinets have been painted. I've installed the french doors into the office. I've replaced faucets and drains in the master bath. Ruth has painted almost every room in the house within the last year. She's done some landscape both in the front and back. She's read up on how to showcase a house for sale. As a result we've simplified every room to just a few things displayed on shelves and counter tops. It looks clean and inviting.

Duffy left last night after taking $600 dollars and some papers we signed. She gave us some signs. This morning we got a call from a realtor to show the house tomorrow. That was quick!

Eric finished painting his room. I finished trimming and priming the sidelights in the office. I took pictures and posted them to the web site. I think we are done.

Only thing is, if we sell, where do we live? We haven't found a house yet!

It's so easy to become homeless.

"They Call You Stubborn When You Fail, But Persistent When You Succeed."" -Anonymous