Thursday, August 24, 2006

The containers are coming, The containers are coming!

(Sketch from work.)

Those big moving containers are to be delivered today. Our plan is to hire some guys to pack and fill them up this weekend and have them delivered to the new place on Monday when we sign the papers. Then we'll call what few friends we have to help us unload them. After that, we may have fewer friends still.

And so ends our four year stay at our current house. It's been a good four years here.

We love this place, except for it's size, it's distance, it's Home Owners Association Fees, it's, well you get the idea.

We are ready to downsize. This place costs us $300 to heat and cool each month. It's simply too big for us.

And we are looking forward to remodeling the new. It needs some windows, flooring, painting, and some attention to the kitchen. Our goal is to finish it all within three months or so. We want to settle in quickly and get on with life.

So it's all been very busy around here lately. Ruth has made many phone calls for repairs to be done to this house. There were not many but lots of phone calls. Meanwhile, Eric and I have been packing when we get in from work or school. Eric is looking forward to painting his own room with a sort of mural. I'm afraid to ask for too many details.

The new place will give us more options since our overhead will be so much lower. Once we finish upstairs and rent the downstairs maybe we can think about a concerted focus on Chinese.

We feel so fortunate that we have these options. When we look out at the world's scene we see that so many have so little for and for so long.

In war, truth is the first casualty. ~Aeschylus