Thursday, August 31, 2006


It's weird, after all these years, to be so disconnected from everyone.

I feel like I'm on a distant island, all alone and unreachable. Going online makes me feel as though I've just opened the curtains to look at the horizon. It's like I've peered out from my portal at the world beyond.

Offline and I'm blind. I'm in third class, down in the bowels of the ship without a viewport. I know the ship is moving along, I can sense it's movement, but I don't know the direction or the speed.

What's happening out in the great expanse of the Internet while I type this in the seclusion of my basement? What's up with the storm coming up through Florida? What's it's name? I can't even Google it! I'm lost. What will the weather be like tomorrow? What's happening with the war in Iraq? So many questions and so little access.

So here I type in my cellar. We've just moved to a new location. So it takes awhile to switch all our phone lines and DSL.

Tomorrow Bellsouth promises to deliver DSL and I'll again be connected to the great either beyond. I'll be able to see again. I'll be moved up to first class and will scan the horizon from my balcony. I'll read my daily news and blogs. I'll share my ideas and drawings and photos. I will feel connected again.

...dave (connecting at Panera Bread Company)
If you don't know where you're going, when you get there you'll be lost. -Yogi Berra