Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lunches are getting expensive

(Eric's clay sculptures)
Since I still rely on Panera Bread for free wireless, my lunches are getting expensive.

I can't get my personal email from work since the Enterprise doesn't allow that anymore. If I try it, I get a big FORBIDDEN screen and they log it. In fact, they log each and every web site I go to from work. It's the equivalent of living in a police state. (I don't really understand this but that's a subject for another post.)

I used to brown bag it to work. Ruth would pack me some warm-ups and I'd just Nuke 'em in the lunch room. That's all changed now.

Since I can't really walk into Panera with a left-over meal under my arm and ask to use their Nuker, I just buy one of their meals. I'm already using their free Internet. What would they think of me if I asked to use their microwave too? Even though I dress in slacks and a sport shirt they may get the wrong impression.

So I end up buying lunch there. It's six bucks a pop for lunch! That adds up. I can't afford this, I'm saving to go to China, again.

The lunches are good. I got the sandwich and salad combo today. The three-seed bread was a little tough, nearly broke my tooth on the first crunch. The greek salad with goat cheese was good. And of course, I love their bear claws. Wow, bear claws and coffee. I could just eat THAT for lunch. But I do get the apple for the side item. That way I stay healthy.

Cheese--milk's leap towards immortality. -Clifton Fadiman