Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Posting Junk for sale

We've removed every fixture and carpet in the place. Now I'm just posting them for sale online. I use Craig's List. It's much easier than a garage sale. I just post them with a price and people come by and hand me money. Kind of cool.

Some of the stuff we haven't sold, we just gave it away. We use Free Cycle. Like, for example, the rust brown shag carpet of '70s vintage.

The problem with giving it away free is that the free stuff attracts the flakes. Like the woman that promised to come pick it up while we were out. We left it out on the lawn but it was still there when we came back. So we dragged it back into the garage only to put it back out again when she called a second time. But she still didn't come.

Finally, her and her husband came with a huge SUV borrowed from a friend. Trouble was it was filled to the ceiling with groceries. There was no room for a shag carpet 15 feet long. So they drove off leaving the unwanted beast in my garage. It's so huge it looks like a dead body is wrapped in it.

I'm trying to give this stuff away people! I can't even fit my cars in the garage. Come help me out.

I told Ruth that for each box she opens, she must sell or give away half of what's inside. "Oh, then I can get rid of half your books then?"

"All the boxes except my books." What was I thinking?

If you study to remember, you will forget, but, If you study to understand, you will remember.