Saturday, September 30, 2006

My Borders got a new Coffee Bar

Very cool. Borders remodeled their Coffee Bar. Very modern and clean. The counter looks like highly polished brushed metal of 50s era but it's in a cherry color. Dark cherry woods trim the bar. It's a delight just to gaze at.

I guess what's really outstanding is their new coffee barkeeper. He's a very friendly guy. "How's your day going?" he asks me as he warms my coffee cup under the hot water before pouring in the hot liquid I'm paying for.

A man in a wheelchair with a dog came up beside me as I was paying. The dog was a golden retriever with dirty blond hair. The guy in the wheel chair ordered his drink as I left. He had difficulty speaking but the coffee attendant seemed to know what he wanted, in fact, he seemed to know him personally.

As I sipped my hot java and read Mind Performance Hacks I heard him asking several customers "How's it going with you today?" or "Would you like to try a sample coffee?" or "Can I get anything else for you?" I overheard one customer say: "No, I'm a happy guy." (I gota remember that reply.)

I've never been in any Borders with such a helpful drink attendant. It made the place feel like such a happy place to be in.

By contrast I decided to buy some of their coffee. He asked another clerk to get me a 1/2 lb of Italian Roast. First off, she couldn't find the beans. Then she couldn't keep the small bag from closing as she emptied an already opened bag into the new one, one bean at a time. One bean at a time. It was painful to watch. I spent more time waiting for her to fill the bag then I did drinking and reading the book.

Employees really make or break a business.

I went to the 24-hour grocery store but the clerk was locking it up. "Hey the sign says you're open 24-hours." He said: "Yeah, but not in a row." -Stephen Wright