Saturday, September 23, 2006

We Bought a House in East Cobb

We bought a house in East Cobb,
And then we moved our stuff
Into some Pod containers.
It wasn't all that tough.

We asked our friends to help us
And come unload a pod.
They all seemed very willing,
And agreed with just a nod.

They came upon our doorstep
And knocked at 10 o'clock.
The container waited idly
It's size, a city block!

They unloaded rather quickly
The container standing there.
But other work we planned,
They were very unaware.

So when the container emptied
We had them yank a wall
And roll up soiled carpet
Into a mangled ball.

They scraped off old wallpaper
From almost every room.
Then they swept our trash
With my wooden green push broom.

The guys attacked the hearth
And gave those stones a blow.
One pengyou danced a jig
When they tumbled toward his toe.

We told them to stop working
And gave them food to eat.
But we put them back to scraping,
Some walls were incomplete!

We're thankful for those good friends
But since that day we've learned
We need to make some new ones
For they have not returned.