Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Basketball Pass

The Enterprise owns box seats at a nearby stadium. Sometimes we get offered tickets to a sports event.

My manager asked me if I wanted a pair of tickets to an upcoming basketball game. You know, bring the wife to a sports event. Yeah, like that's on her priority list. Actually I'm not much into sports myself.

So I asked him: "Isn't basketball just a bunch of guys in shorts dancing across a wooden floor playing keep-away?"

He said I didn't have much sports awareness but my humor was excellent.

I really try to get into sports but frankly, I'd rather read a book about it than sit on the sideline. Anyway, I think sports ought to be part of the Performing Arts. Because really, football and ballet look so similar to me. It's just a bunch of guys in tights running back and forth across the screen. The only difference I can see is one group plays outside and the other group plays inside. Both groups will sometimes pick one another up and carry them a few feet durring the performance. The only other difference I can see is that the outside group is a little challenged in the costume department. They just wear numbers and change their colors once in a while. But that's nothing that a good Set Director couldn't fix.

Yeah, I think I'll pass on the basketball tickets.

Sports is like a war without the killing. =Ted Turner