Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ford Focus

I'm driving a rental while my car is in the shop. Mind you, my car has a six CD changer, leather seats, sun roof, butt warmers and more. The the Ford has four rubber tires. I'm doing good to get that. It's a little short in the creature comfort department.

Actually it's a little worse than that. I simply can't get comfortable in the thing. It's horrible to drive. Actually, it's tortuous. I'm convinced the designers went to Japan, learned how to make a driver comfortable, returned home and designed a torture seat. I'm telling you, everything about the driver's seat is designed to irritate and torment the driver.

For example, the driver's back adjustment has two positions: nose in dash and horizontal. And the right arm rest is in my armpit. If I try to rest my elbow on it, my right shoulder jambs into my right jaw. It's absolutely horrible. If I get the seat distance adjusted correctly, I can't reach the steering wheel. I swear the seat was designed for an ape . . . or by an ape.

The worse part has got to be the dash controls. Each and every dial and knob is just out of reach of the driver. I have to lean forward to turn the knobs and adjust the dials. Worse, I have to look down to find them. They all feel the same so I can't use sensory perception to find a knob. It can be dicy to take my eyes off the road. So I just bear the cold. It's part of my 30 minute torture commute. At least the radio knob is handy. Listening to the radio helps keep my mind off the agony.

I just can't focus in a Focus.

When I'm not in my right mind my left mind gets kind of crowded. -Stephen Wright