Thursday, December 21, 2006

I like red lights

I look forward to red lights. I especially look forward to yellow lights. I stop at all yellow lights. That way I know that I have the longest wait possible. That's what I like, a long wait. I know I'm strange. Most people try to run the yellows. Not me. I've even taken longer ways home so as to get more red and yellow lights. I like waiting.

In fact, to me, slower traffic IS better. Sometimes I don't mind going places when traffic is heavy.

And I'm smarter for it. Just this month I've been able to read three additional books. All because of red lights. Sometimes you just have to leverage your waits.

Now if I could just figure out how to project my books on the windshield (They call this a HUD, Heads Up Display.)

I wonder if I could just mirror copy my book pages and place them up on the dash. That could work. Or maybe I can print-screen and paste web pages into MS Paint and rotate vertical. Then I could read the HUD (reflection) while driving and get twice as much read.

I just don't have enough time to read.

Real luxury is time and opportunity to read for pleasure. - Jane Brody