Friday, January 19, 2007

I work in a snow globe

I swear, I work in a snow globe. There's always a blizzard blowing. And no sooner it settles down, someone comes along and shakes it up again. I feel like the little man on the snow plow. I get up, brush myself off, and plow new paths in the snow. That's the way it is in the Enterprise.

Every month it seems there is a reorganization. Every week we get a new VP. Every day there is some new process to follow. Just about the time I figure out who I should partner with for the projects I work on it changes. Someone keeps shifting the organization boxes on me. I'm a fairly flexible guy but this is driving me crazy. Stop shaking stuff up.

I think they believe that no one lives in my snow globe. Most people find it hard to believe that anyone lives in a snow glob. When's the last time you looked carefully inside a glob, at the little homes in there? Did you ever stop to think that someone might be living in one of those houses? I thought not. But someone does. I do.

There is so much turnover in the Enterprise that few people know how our systems work anymore. Things break, it takes an army to fix and twice as long to understand it. The cost is double. An organization chart doesn't exist, nor can it because it changes so frequently. Who I report to today may not be who does my review tomorrow.

Every time they shake up the organization everything goes topsy-turvy. There's a blizzard all around, houses tumble and I lay disabled on my back waiting for the snow to settle. But I just run the snow plow. When the snow settles and the houses right themselves, I jump back on my plow and start making new partnership paths in the snow. I start a new network of people.

But I do wish someone would stop shaking up my world.

Technology does not run an enterprise, relationships do. - Patricia Fripp