Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Labor Day

It's always labor day whenever there is a holiday off from work.

Like digging holes. I'm trying to put in a few bushes to give us a little privacy from the lane below. But it's hard work diggin' these holes. I don't have the right tools for this. I've only got a few "garden tools" meant for rooting around in a planter box but they arn't serious tools for putting trees into the ground. For example the shovels are about three feet long. By the time I get about a foot down into the hole, the top of the handle touches my shins. These are Ruth's tools. I need a man's shovel. Something that can dig a hole for a tree not put a lilly in a flower box.

The bushes I'm planting are on an incline, about a 45 degree hill. When I jump up on the shovel I risk tumbling down the hill head over hills with the shovel cart-wheeling after me. This is dangerous work here.

I've got a iron bar that works to break up the dirt some. Thing is, this soil is rock. I'm out here digging shale. It's the kind that sparkles in the sun. What is this stuff? These are rocks and boulders I'm unearthing here. You could build another pyramid in Egypt with this stuff. In fact, my backyard is where Pharaoh got his building materials. It's a little known fact.

So here I am using kid's shovels for a man's job. It's early in the day yet. I've got two more holes to dig. I need a rest. I'll hang out by the fire.

I've built a fire to burn up the junk wood from the old workbench drawers in the garage. I can't take the trash to the dump because it's closed on the weekends. So I've chopped it all up and have tossed it into the round fireplace outside. I love staring at fires. It's a lot less work then digging holes.

I can't wait until this holiday is over.

What if the Hokey Pokey IS what it's all about? -Jimmy Buffett